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Modern Slavery Statement

This statement is East of England Homecare’s commitment to ensure that no form of modern slavery, human trafficking, and forced and compulsory labour is tolerated within its business and supply chain.  We operate a zero-tolerance approach to any form of exploit, deprivation of people’s liberty for personal or commercial gain.  To achieve this objective, we commit to regular monitoring, and making sure our operational systems and control are transparent and effective.


Our policies reflect our high standards and commitment to combating any form of modern slavery not only within our business but also with our suppliers.  This includes training our staff how to identify instances and where they can get appropriate help and advice.  We also conduct robust eligibility checks on potential employees to ensure they are not victims of human trafficking or being forced to work against their will.

Due Diligence

In our effort to monitor and reduce the risk of modern slavery, we maintain a governance and risk management framework which involves identifying, assessing and reviewing of potential risks both within the business and our supply chains.  We actively encourage an open culture where concerns raised (whistleblowing) are dealt with in a safe, supportive and confidential manner, making it easy for our staff/workers to make disclosures without fear of retaliation.

Risk and compliance

Any concerns of potential risks raised, are investigated, and dealt with appropriately with due diligence and all necessary steps are taken to mitigate or rectify the concerns including terminating any relationships with supply chain partners.


East of England Homecare CIC invests in mandatory training to enable senior staff to recognise any potential risks of modern slavery and human trafficking within our business and our supply chain.  Through our training programmes and other communication channels, we equip our employees with the right knowledge and expect them to have an awareness of our Anti-slavery policies.  


Further actions and Sign-off

East of England Homecare CIC remains committed to preventing modern slavery and human trafficking within its business and supply chain.  It is our corporate and social responsibility to continue to improve and strengthen the existing safeguards that are already in place, to provide adequate resources, training and investments to ensure that potential risks are dealt with, mitigated and rectified.

This Statement is made in accordance with  the Modern Slavery Act 2015 for financial year 2019/2020

The Board of Directors has approved this statement for publication on our website.

Maria Grace

Director East of England Homecare CIC

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